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Without discount dental coverage, visiting the dentist can be a
costly event. Even a standard cleaning and cavity filling can cost
hundreds of dollars, while a root canal or oral surgeries will take
thousands out of your savings account.

The leading dental providers have launched new discount dental
health care plans that make coverage affordable for every family.
For less than $200 annually, you and your entire family can obtain
quality dental care, while saving potentially 60% off your
treatments, depending on the plan, provider, and procedure.

With the myriad of options, choosing the right discount dental
coverage can be quite confusing. The coverage options and tiered
pricing are not created equal. We have conducted in depth research
to find the top ten best discount dental health care plan providers,
comparing coverage options against pricing. From these top eleven
dental coverage choices, you can easily find the best coverage for
you and your family.

1. Preferred Network Access – Broadest coverage with worthwhile

The Preferred Network Access discount dental plan has more
participating dentists and specialists nationwide than any other
company! There are more than 73,000 dentists and specialists in this
plan, including 61,000 general dentists, which makes this an
excellent choice for discount dental coverage wherever you go.

While it has higher prices than other discount dental health care
programs, Preferred Network Access also includes a vision and
prescription plan. Therefore, you have access to more dentists and
additional discounts. This translates into higher savings for you
and your family.

Annual costs are $129.95 for an individual and $179.95 for a family.
Having coverage will provide you with significant discounts on
normal checkups, specialty work, and orthodontics. This discount
dental health care plan can to save you anywhere from 10% to 50% at
participating dentists and specialists. With Preferred Network
Access, there are no health restrictions or predetermination of
benefits when you are signing up.

In addition to the broad coverage and affordable annual fee, you may
be eligible for extra savings if you sign up for a group plan.
Various groups may be eligible, including small businesses, which
means you may be able to save even more money by signing up with a

Choose Preferred Network Access and get 10-50% discount

2. Vital Savings by Aetna – Comprehensive discounts beyond dental

With almost as many practice locations as the Preferred Network
Access plan, Vital Savings by Aetna’s discount dental health
coverage includes 72,000 participating locations. The annual price
is similar to Preferred Network Access – $129.95 for an individual
and $169.95 for a family. While Preferred Network Access may be a
better choice for the individual, Vital Savings by Aetna gives
families an additional $10 savings for nearly the same benefits.

Vital Savings also offers you access to savings on vision care
services (including LASIK), fitness membership and home equipment,
as well as various oral health care products at participating stores
and centers. This is an excellent plan for someone who is looking
for more than dental coverage and plans to make other health-related

The dental care discounts range from 15% to 50% in savings,
depending on your procedure. While this program is not insurance, it
gives you access to one of America’s biggest dental discount health
networks, Aetna Dental AccessSM. To serve you best, all their
dentists are credentialed and undergo regular approval processes.

In addition to its comprehensive coverage and affordable price, your
small business may be eligible for extra savings if you sign up for
a group plan.

3. Aetna Dental Access – Dental discount coverage with simplicity
of use

Aetna Dental Access is a great, easy to use, discount dental heath
care plan! For only $99.95 annually for an individual and $149.95
for a family, you can sign up for tremendous discount coverage with
Aetna Dental Access. This non-insurance plan involves over 66,000
participating dental practice locations nationwide.

The discount dental coverage saves you from 15% to 50% on all your
dental procedures, ranging from your normal cleanings and x-rays to
special procedures, such as root canals and crowns. It can even same
you money on orthodontics.

There is no insurance paperwork, no health restrictions, no need for
referrals, and no use limits. Just present your Aetna Dental Access
discount dental plan card at any participating dentist for immediate
savings! It is convenient, simple, and straightforward coverage that
can save you thousands annually on your dental procedures.

Aetna Dental Access is a great choice if you are looking for a
simple, convenient plan which provides dental discount coverage. The
top two discount dental health plans both have more dentists, but
they cost significantly more and do provide coverage to other
services. If you do not need additional coverage for vision or
fitness, then the Aetna Dental Access would be the dental discount
plan to obtain.

In addition, you may be eligible for even more savings if your small
business or other qualified group signs up for the Aetna Dental
Access Plan – discount dental care at an even greater discount!

4. Dent-All Plan – Greatest discounts at competitive rates

The Dent-All Plan offers the highest dental discounts on certain
procedures – up to 60%. With 58,000 participating locations
nationwide, this is definitely a discount dental health care plan
that is worthy of consideration. Annual costs are $109.95 for
individuals and $159.95 for families.

The Dent-All discount dental plan emphasizes routine treatment and
early detection, and its coverage offers some of its best savings on
your annual x-rays. However, if you need additional treatments, the
Dent-All plan also covers other necessary procedures and
orthodontia. There are no requirements for predetermination of
benefits, no age or health restrictions, and no age restrictions for
dependents. If you need to see a specialist, Dent-All’s discount
dental coverage does not require referrals, which reduces your
paperwork hassles.

While the Aetna Dental Access discount dental plan offers more
doctors for $10 less annually, the Dent-All Plan includes amazing
savings of up to 60%. Enough local choices could make this dental
discount coverage well worth the extra $10 annually, especially for
a family. Residents of states other than Florida may even be
eligible for extra benefits. Plus, the Dent-All discount dental plan
allows for group discounts.

5. Dentemax Discount Dental Plan – Reasonable savings in a wide
network of dentists

The Dentemax Discount Dental Plan brings you over 62,000 dentists
and specialists in over 43,000 different locations nationwide for
the low annual price of $99.95 for individuals and $149.95 for
families. They are part of the 2nd largest national network of
dental providers. By signing up for this discount dental coverage,
you can obtain savings of up to 40% on your routine and special
procedures, plus orthodontic care.

With the Dentemax Discount Dental Plan, there are no paperwork
hassles or health restrictions. No age limits for dependents or
background checks are required to obtain your Dentemax discount
dental card.

However, the savings with the Dentemax Discount Dental Plan are not
quite as thorough as those with the Dent-All Plan, but Dentemax is
$10 cheaper. It is roughly comparable to the Aetna Dental Access
discount dental plan, with up to 10% less in savings. It would be a
great second choice if you wanting the Aetna Dental Access plan, but
were unable to find a participating practice in your local area.

If you choose the Dentemax Discount Dental Plan, you can take
advantage of their savings right away. Dentemax offers activation on
the next business day!

6. Dental Care Advantage – Generous discounts for all your dental
and health needs

The Dental Care Advantage dental discount program provides members
with savings of 20-55% on dental services, including orthodontics
and cosmetic procedures. Their discount dental health care coverage
plan costs $119.95 annually for individuals and $159.95 annually for
families, with over 38,000 participating dental practices nationwide.

The discounts they offer apply to all dental services, from your
annual visit to orthodontics and cosmetic procedures. The Dental
Care Advantage guarantees that participating providers’ credentials
are reviewed according to standards suggested by the National
Committee for Quality Assurance.

With savings up to 55%, the Dental Care Advantage discount dental
plan offers the second highest percentage in savings, trailing only
behind the Dent-All plan. Plus, you obtain additional savings on
vision services, prescription drugs, and chiropractic visits. Its
discount dental coverage is similar to the Preferred Network Access
and Dental Care Advantage discount dental plans, but it costs less
than either health care plan.

When signing up for this discount dental plan, you do not have to
worry about paperwork hassles or referrals for specialist visits.
Enjoy quick plan activation access and possible additional benefits,
depending on your area.

7. Protective Dental Plan – Low coverage rates with great popularity

The Protective Dental Plan is a great discount dental plan. It has
one of the lowest discount dental coverage prices – $99.95 annually
for individuals and $149.95 for families. This discount dental plan
has been a top seller for over five years on the market, which is a
testament to its power in saving families money in their dental
procedures. This dental health care plan’s network includes over
15,000 participating dentists.

There are no health restrictions for coverage. In addition, you will
not have to deal with regular insurance paperwork hassles and
referrals for specialists. There is no age limit for your
dependents, and orthodontics are covered by the program. If you
choose the Protective Dental Plan, you can take advantage of their
savings right away. Protective offers activation on the next
business day!

Protective’s dental health care plan offers discounts from 20% to
60%, rates only matched by the Dent-All Plan. As another perk, it
costs $10 less than the Dent-All Plan. You will get almost equal
savings with the Protective Dental Plan at an even lower price. If
your local city has coverage under the Protective dental health care
plan, then this is one of the best options available.

8. GE Wellness Plan – Greater medical and dental coverage worth the
ratesTotaling $139.95 annually for individuals and $189.95 for
families, the GE Wellness Plan appears more expensive than your
average discount dental coverage. However, its increased costs are
certainly worth its coverage. In fact, the GE Wellness Plan is a
discount dental and medical health care plan which covers your
dentist, prescription, chiropractor, eyeglasses, and Beltone hearing

For dental coverage, you and your family will save 30% off of
treatments from participating dentists, which total approximately
9,000 nationwide. The GE Wellness Plan’s discount dental coverage
emphasizes prevention and early detection of dental problems. It
covers both orthodontics and regular dental procedures

There are no requirements for special paperwork, no health
restrictions (unless you have incomplete dental work), no age limit,
and no background checks. With quick plan activation, you can not
only begin benefiting from discounts for your dental treatments, but
also for your other health needs.

While this discount dental health care plan’s coverage is similar
to Preferred Network Access and Vital Savings by Aetna, it has many
fewer dentists. In fact, it competitive attributes stem from its non-
dental health benefits, such as the chiropractic and Beltone hearing
aid discounts; the hearing aid coverage options are not available
though Dental Care Advantage. In addition, the GE Wellness Plan
offers prescription coverage, which only Preferred Network Access
and Dental Care Advantage provide. Therefore, if you regularly visit
a chiropractor, fill prescriptions, or use a Beltone hearing aid,
this may be the discount dental health care plan for you!

9. UNI-CARE 100 Dental Plan – Lowest coverage rates with
respectable discounts UNI-CARE’s discount dental care plan only
costs $79.95 annually for individuals and $99.95 for families –
making it the most affordable discount dental plan on the market.

With this discount dental plan, you can benefit from 10% to 50%
percent savings from any participating dentist. The average discount
for checkups and preventative work, such as x-rays and cleaning, is
30%. You can save 15% for specialized procedures like crowns,
orthodontia, and oral surgery. This plan is ideal for health-
conscious consumers looking to maintain their oral health, while
minimizing their dental care expenses.

This discount dental health care plan covers most normal dental
procedures, cosmetic work, and even orthodontics. There is no age
limit, even for your dependents! You simply need to fill out their
initial application, and with their coverage, you will avoid all the
extra hassles, like insurance paperwork, referrals for appointments
with specialists, and health restrictions based upon previous dental
problems. One card will get you all the discounts and benefits, and
you simply use it at the time of service for immediate discounts.

Over 21,000 dentists nationwide participate in this program. If you
are in an area with coverage, and you are seeking to lower your
dental coverage costs, then UNI-CARE is an affordable, competitive
discount dental plan.

10. Dental Network of America / DNOA Select – Decent discounts,
limited providersThe Dental Network of America Select discount
dental plan can save you 10% to 40% on a variety of dental fees.
Over 15,000 dental practices worldwide participate in this discount
dental coverage, and over three million Americans use the Dental
Network of America for their health needs. Annual costs are $109.95
for individuals and $159.95 for families.

This plan offers excellent savings on all dental procedures, ranging
from routine treatment and early detection to dental surgery and
orthodontia. For example, orthodontic procedures will be reduced 20%
at all participating orthodontists. Like the other great plans on
this list, the Dental Network of America’s Select Plan covers
important pediatric treatments and periodontics.

With this discount dental plan, there is no predetermination of
benefits, nor any age or health restrictions. If you need to see a
specialist, DNOA’s discount dental coverage does not require
referrals, saving you time and money.

When it comes to coverage, this plan is not particularly competitive
because it offers fewer providers and lower discounts than other
plans. It functions best as a backup plan, when you either cannot
afford a better discount dental plan, or you do not have the
coverage you want in your local area.

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